Our son switched to Further Maths half way through the first term of 6th form, and got a D at his AS level, we all thought that he needed more help and we were lucky enough to find John who tutored him throughout upper 6th form. He has now got an A at Further Maths A level, which, along with his other results, has allowed our son to go to university to read Maths. A great result which would not have been possible without John’s help, thoroughly recommended.

Andrew P – A Level Mathematics



In June 2014 I was immensely disappointed to get a D grade in my Mathematics AS Level examination and the Mechanics element was Ungraded. My confidence was low and I considered giving up the course.

After 8 months working with Mr Fletcher, I have just picked up my full Advanced level results. I achieved an A grade overall and scored full marks in the Mechanics element.

Mr Fletcher’s acumen, professionalism and, perhaps most important of all, his attention to detail made the difference.

The results simply speak for themselves.

Max Ballard – A Level Mathematics



Through working with John I have been able to reach my full potential in Maths and attain my personal targets that I set out at the start of my A-level course. The lessons contain clear explanations of each topic so students are given a thorough guide through their specific course. Because of John’s lessons I gathered a full understanding of topics as in-depth derivations and explanations are always given as well as the personal support that students require. The greatest skill I have acquired through John’s private tuition is the ability to use my own initiative when faced with challenging Mathematical problems. This gave me the confidence to tackle more and more advanced questions which was the key factor in eventually achieving my goals.

Sam Partridge – A Level Mathematics



Maths was something I struggled with as a child and avoided at all costs as an adult. However, I enrolled on the PGCE Primary teacher-training course this year, meaning I had to take the QTS skills test in numeracy. I felt really nervous at the prospect of this, but John was really supportive when I rang him. Unlike most tutors I spoke to, John was happy to work weekends. We discussed my individual requirements and in response John tailored our sessions to meet my needs.

Once the sessions started, we worked through the material at my own pace. John was very patient and was able to explain things in a way that made sense to me. After every session, we evaluated whether I needed more time on a topic or could move on to the next one. We worked up towards taking the practice tests online, which prevented my confidence from being knocked. By the time I took them, I was equipped with the skills necessary to be successful.

I passed my numeracy skills test first time which I am delighted about. I also feel more confident about teaching maths and even enjoy it! I never thought I would feel positively about the subject I was so fearful of at school. This will not only affect me, but also the children I teach. Thanks to John’s support, patience and hard work, I am now on my way to becoming a primary school teacher.

Alice Cuddy-Smith – PGCE, Leeds University



I’m an AS level student in Leeds, and first contacted John after I was struggling with my studies. I made quick progress through the course, and was very impressed with his competent and vast knowledge on every corner of the subject. He clearly was talented at maths, which is precisely what I needed. He is very good at getting the point across, and getting to the point quickly. Very friendly, and always reliable.

Under his tutoring I excelled from a U to an A grade student, achieving an A in the first module of my course. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without his help, and I feel very confident for the forthcoming exams. I will continue to employ him for as long as I am able, as I appreciate his company as well as his help. More useful than any length of time spent at my college, John is an essential guide for any student.

Fred Cooper – AS Mathematics



We contacted John when it became apparent that our son was struggling with his AS level Maths. It was actually our son who picked him out from a number of possibilities. John is very organised, efficient and reliable and his love of Maths soon became evident. In a very short time he managed to help our son regain his confidence in the subject allowing him to tackle his exams with much more positivity. We will definitely be contacting John to support our son through his A2 year.

Debbie M. – AS Mathematics



My son had not succeeded in achieving a C grade in maths GCSE and I felt he needed extra support in addition to his school work. I am very pleased that we asked John to be his tutor. John has been professional, punctual, flexible and approachable at all times. He has been very supportive to my son who had lacked confidence in this subject. John’s calm and friendly method of teaching has developed my son’s maths abilities and improved his confidence which is a great achievement in just a few weeks. I wish we had contacted John earlier, one to one tuition is clearly more effective than traditional classroom teaching. Thank you John.

Julie S. – GCSE Mathematics



I was really lacking confidence with maths and had a very negative attitude towards the subject, which was no good because I needed to pass my maths skills test for my PGCE course. Thankfully I found John, who not only enabled me to feel confident when taking the necessary maths skills test, but also transformed my feelings towards maths. I now feel happy to embrace the maths side of my PGCE course with confidence.

John is a fantastic teacher; he balanced what I wanted to cover in the lessons with what he believed to be beneficial for my maths progress. I am so glad that he encouraged me to broaden my maths knowledge and to do topics and questions that I believed I could not do. He was a patient, kind and dedicated tutor and if I ever need any more maths support I would not hesitate in contacting John again for some more lessons.

John supported me well in lessons and also was always at hand via email or telephone to offer extra advice and more resources, including question sheets designed by himself- he even threw in a counselling service the evening before my test!! I could not have asked for more from my maths tutor and felt so happy to pass my maths skills test, thank you again John.

Francesca Kay – QTS Numeracy



Before I began my tutoring sessions with John, it is safe to say I was petrified of maths and I was convinced that I would not be able to pass the QTS maths skills test and therefore not be able to accomplish my ambition of becoming a primary school teacher. However, with John’s patience, his ability to explain things in a clear and concise way, his little time saving shortcuts and his encouragement, I did it I passed! And now, not only am I starting my PGCE course in September, but also I am actually enjoying using maths for the first time in my life. I honestly couldn’t recommend him more.

Sophie Mckenzie – QTS Numeracy



Before contacting John I was on the verge of dropping AS maths as I had fallen behind in class and had become a D/E grade student. However as tuition started I quickly began to feel more confident in my abilities and my grades in class began to rise. His in depth knowledge of the subject, his patience and ability to explain things clearly and his friendly attitude are things that not only made my tutoring successful, but also made it enjoyable.

At the end of year 12, I achieved a B grade in AS maths, something that I could never have imagined before starting sessions with John. With his continued support I believe there is nothing stopping me achieving an A grade at the end of year 13. I would recommend him to anyone who is struggling and am definitely going to continue to employ John throughout my A2 year.

A. Campbell – AS Mathematics



When I first started with John I was studying for my QTS skills tests in Maths, I had very low confidence with maths especially the topics that always come up such as percentages, fractions, statistics etc, and over the weeks he taught me how to look at numbers and methods a different way. He has a very calm and kind approach in the way that he tutors, which encourages you to have a go and not be afraid to get things wrong. The weeks were structured with what I wanted to work on and my weaknesses turned into my strengths. When I sat my test after failing once previously, I just knew the questions that came up and could approach them confidently even with the 18 second time limit baring down on me. I would highly recommend John to anyone for tutoring he knows his subject inside out and that shows in his teaching. I will always be grateful to him for passing on his knowledge. Thank you John.

Liam D – QTS Numeracy



I was really struggling and panicking about doing the QTS maths skills test and was convinced I would not be able to pass, so I contacted John after reading his excellent website. He was amazing and gave me so much confidence and support over 3- 4 months, as a result my skills improved so much. He was patient, kind, and organised and really made me enjoy maths more than I ever had. He kept in touch between lessons, sending me extra work and his calm approach really made me feel more positive.

Everything we covered was there in the test which I thankfully passed, so he certainly knows his subject! I couldn’t have done it without him – thank you so much John!

Megan Howard -QTS Numeracy.