The evening of Thursday 1st August 2013 saw a brilliant meeting at Leeds City Toastmasters – and I was presenting! I was doing a project from one of the Toastmasters manuals – Speech #4 from the Speaking to Inform advanced manual; my speech was titled “A Beautiful Equation”.

The meeting was full of energy and I have to say was one of the best meetings that I have ever attended at Toastmasters during my more than two year membership to date. I took the opportunity to record my speech and here are a few of the highlights from the speech. To say the speech was less than 10 minutes long didn’t make things any easier – with such a tight time-limit it is crucial to only say what you need to say to keep things flowing and to cut out any superfluous material.

I loved giving the speech, though I was a bit worried when I turned up and couldn’t find a lead to connect me up to the projector until about a minute before the meeting was due to start and then about 10 seconds into my speech I realised I hadn’t connected my slide-clicker up properly! But no speech is perfect and it’s all part of the fun. I’m looking forward to the next meeting and of course, my next speech!

Here is a video that I have made with a few clips from a presentation that I made recently at the West Yorkshire Astronomical Society in Pontefract, Wakefield.

The presentation titled “From Euclid to Einstein – Generalising Geometry” lasted for about an hour and walked the audience through some of the major developments in geometry over the centuries from the Ancient Greek times up to the 21st Century – from Euclid’s Postulates right up to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and then String Theory.

Despite being based around geometry and mathematics, I made the presentation as accessible to everyone as possible – I tried to make the presentation as visual as possible and avoid getting bogged down in technicalities.

This was a fantastic opportunity for me and I am extremely grateful to all members of the West Yorkshire Astronomical Society for the chance to present to them. I hope that everyone enjoyed listening to the presentation as much as I enjoyed delivering it!!