The wait is over – here’s the Leeds Maths Tuition monthly review video for January 2017. That was a joke by the way.

In this video I spend a bit of time talking about the new GCSE and A Level maths specifications and exams – I’ve had a few discussions about this topic with some of my students and some of their parents over the last month. Many people have had their first taste of the new GCSE maths exams by now and I think it’s taken a lot of people by surprise just how different it may be compared to previous years exams. Are the changes good or bad? I think you would be hard pushed to find any GCSE maths students (and possibly teachers for that matter) who approve of the changes; well how about maths tutors? Well you can find out what this maths tutor thinks in the monthly review video.

I also talk about some books that I’ve read over the last month which were:

  • In the Key of Genius : The Extraordinary Life of Derek Paravicini – Adam Ockelford
  • Extraordinary People – Darrold A. Treffert
  • Moonwalking With Einstein : The Art and Science of Remembering Everything – Joshua Foer

These were some interesting books; the Darrold A. Treffert book was maybe a bit too in depth for me at this stage – I enjoyed reading it but I think I jumped in the deep end a bit with that one. The other two books were much more easy going. Anyway, watch the video and you’ll find out a bit more about them; though, of course the best thing to do is read them for yourself.

So I’ll be back next month, all being well, with the next monthly update; hopefully see you then. In the meantime, if you really can’t wait until next month (yeah right, whatever John) I’ll be writing my regular posts for my website so you can keep an eye out for those. TTFN.