I used to have a full biography on this page but after reading it through I realised that it was so painfully long and dull to read that I decided to re-write the whole thing and say a bit more about my personality and who I am…

…for those who are interested here’s a few facts about my life up to present, and for those not interested feel free to skip over it and go to the present part…


  • Former member of Wakefield Harriers Athletics Club (and still holding a few club long jump records after all these years the last time I looked)
  • Left school in 2002
  • Achieved A grades in A-Level mathematics, further mathematics and chemistry and a distinction in the advanced extension award for mathematics
  • Achieved A grades in AS-level physics and biology and a C grade in AS level music
  • Graduated from University of Warwick in 2009 with 1st Class Honours for the Master of Mathematics (MMATH) course
  • Employed by Warwick University as a mathematics department supervisor during my final year
  • Worked for Poundworld Retail for a while after university – you know, those who are on that Pound Shop Wars programme on the BBC

English Schools Athletics Competition - Don Valley Stadium, 2000

English Schools Athletics Competition – Don Valley Stadium, 2000



Warwick University Maths Building - June 2009

Warwick University Maths Building – June 2009



John Graduation-Full Size

John Graduating from Warwick – July 2009



Despite being over seven years out of university I am still an active mathematician – I live and breathe mathematics and I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to do what I love doing every day which is to do mathematics and to help other people do mathematics. This is the enthusiasm that I try to pass on to my students – I think they deserve an enthusiastic tutor.

I see mathematics from a mathematicians point of view. I am not a physicist or chemist or biologist who does a bit of maths tuition – nor am I a mathematician that does a bit of science tuition. I am a mathematician who tutors mathematics – in other words I tutor in my specialist subject and no other.

I love doing maths and I enjoy the challenge of helping students of mathematics achieve their full potential and get the grades that they are truly capable of in GCSE, A Level, QTS tests and University maths exams. As an enthusiastic mathematician and maths tutor I encourage students wherever possible to explore the subject beyond the set syllabus to get a better understanding of what is going on.

During tuition time I will always give students the opportunity to raise any issues or difficulties that they may be having with their work. Some concepts are often seen as too difficult to understand which can be demotivating; often the concepts are much more straightforward than they first appear. To resolve such issues, I explain carefully to the student what is happening so that they can begin to understand the problem they are faced with. I enjoy and am enthusiastic about solving mathematical problems; I aim to pass on this enthusiasm to my students.

Now to the really important part – my tutoring style

I do not merely teach/coach to pass an exam as this is, in my opinion, the least stimulating way to present mathematics and borders on the useless – it makes your life (yes you who is going to be actually sitting the exam) very difficult indeed because you may not (and probably won’t) have a good understanding of what you are doing and you won’t be as adaptable. You will really just be copying methods that you have been told are the best methods but you may not really understand why that is. My tutoring style is very different from this. I tutor students to think about mathematics like mathematicians.

I don’t believe that you need to aspire to be a mathematician to benefit from thinking like a mathematician. When it comes to preparing for and sitting your exams you will see first-hand how much easier (not necessarily easy, however) things are when you have the right mind-set. By taking this approach with my tuition I have been able to take students that were at one stage achieving Grade U or Grade D to ultimately achieve A grades.

I am an active mathematician in the sense that I still learn about mathematics on an almost daily basis. Although I am not a student at university any more and I am not currently in education myself, I still read around my subject and learn new things about maths; I take my subject very seriously – why should my students expect any less? This gives me the specialist knowledge required to pass on to students and to show them not only how to do the A Level stuff – but also discuss how it comes about in more detail.

Here are some of the mathematics-based books that, over the last few years, I have been reading and working from in my own time:

Jean-Pierre Escofier – Galois Theory (Graduate Texts in Mathematics 204)

Joseph J. Rotman – An Introduction to Algebraic Topology (Graduate Texts in Mathematics 119)

Euclid – Euclid’s Elements

Apollonius of Perga – Treatise on Conic Sections

Bertrand Russell and Alfred North Whitehead – Principia Mathematica


Okay, so now you know a bit more about me and what makes me tick – what do I want to do? My aim is simple – to be the best maths tutor that there is. If you want to go to college or university and you need help with your maths then I want to help you get there…