Over the last couple of months I have been working hard to make and upload quite a number of videos to Youtube. Some of the videos that I have uploaded cover some GCSE Maths topics – the above link is to a playlist on my Youtube channel of all of my GCSE Maths tutorial videos.

These videos cover a range of topics including finding the $n^{th}$ term of quadratic sequences, solving inequalities, transformations of graphs and many other topics. These videos have often been made with the intention of clarifying often overlooked aspects of GCSE Mathematics and sometimes extend slightly beyond the GCSE Maths specification but that’s not to say that the content of the videos is not understandable to GCSE Maths students – I am careful to explain (in language that a GCSE maths student can understand) WHY things work the way they do rather than just HOW to do something. So for example – WHY is the number in front of $n^{2}$ in the $n^{th}$ term of a quadratic sequence equal to half of the second difference of the sequence? The answer to this question is provided in my video on quadratic sequences. WHY does the transformation $f(x-a)$ represent a translation of $f(x)$ in the $x$-direction? You can find out by watching my videos on transformations of graphs.

I am uploading new videos every week to my Youtube channel and I encourage you to watch some of my videos if you need help with your GCSE maths. If there are any topics that you need help with and you would like me to make a video on it then please let me know and, IF I feel that I have something original to contribute rather than just repeating something that is already out there and been done-to-death by dozens of others, then I will make a video on that topic.

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