This is a video that I made recently which brings together some of what I’ve learned through my time as a professional maths tutor in Leeds tutoring GCSE maths students. I’ve noticed that each year there are a similar set of problems that many GCSE maths students will have to deal with so hopefully this video will give you a bit of advice about how you could avoid some of the pitfalls that some students end up falling into and how you can become a much more successful GCSE maths student that can go on to ace your GCSE maths exams!

The video is more about your habits and attitudes to maths as a subject and isn’t just a list of topics to revise and shortcut methods or anything like that. I do mention a couple of important topics that I think every GCSE maths students needs to know but there are so many videos and resources out there that cover the individual topics that there wasn’t really anything new that I could add – everything is already out there. What I certainly did think that I could add were my unique personal experiences as a tutor!

I’ve tutored lots of GCSE maths students – particularly for GCSE higher level – over the last half a decade and I’ve got some real insight into the things that trip students up. Working one to one with people means that I can really find out how they work, their strengths, weaknesses and what really causes them problems when it comes to GCSE maths.

I hope that this video will be useful to you. I plan to do some more videos on A Level maths and QTS Numeracy over the coming weeks – so keep an eye out for those. If you have any questions for me about your GCSE maths studies then just get in touch – I will get back to you as soon as I can with any answers that I can give.

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