A very warm welcome to Leeds Maths Tuition; the website for mathematician and professional maths tutor John Fletcher.

Who’s John and what does he do?

John is an active mathematician who works full-time with maths students in the Leeds, Wakefield and West Yorkshire area who feel that they need a bit of extra support with their school work, homework or exam revision; you or your child receive quality, professional maths tuition from an experienced maths tutor who has experienced the difficulties and struggles first-hand of GCSE, A Level maths and Further Maths and University maths.

John provides one-to-one tuition for mathematics students from GCSE through to A-Level and university maths and can also tutor for QTS numeracy tests and various other mathematics and numeracy-based tests.

In addition to his work as a one-to-one maths tutor, John has written GCSE and A Level mathematics workbooks and has recently contributed to the writing of A Level Pure Mathematics and, Statistics and Mechanics textbooks for one of the most popular (if not THE most popular) textbook publishers in the country. He also has a Youtube channel which is regularly updated with new mathematics tutorial videos covering a range of topics from the GCSE and A Level maths courses; some of these videos have been made for individual students (after covering a key topic during lessons, for example), so these videos have been created specifically for that student and with the particular needs and abilities of that particular student in mind. You can see some of the videos that I have made for my students here.

Can John help me?

John has already given dozens of people the confidence they need going into the exam room and has provided the knowledge that they need to achieve and even exceed their target grades. Please see the testimonials page of this website to see what some of John’s students have had to say.

Here are some videos that I have uploaded to youtube which give you some advice, based on my personal experiences as a maths tutor, about how you can improve your chances of success in GCSE and A Level Maths and QTS Numeracy…

Ten Ways To Improve
Your GCSE Maths
Ten Ways To Improve
Your A Level Maths
Ten Ways To Improve
Your STEP I, II and III
Ten Ways To Improve
Your QTS Numeracy

If you want to feel confident going into exams and if you want to achieve the grades you need to get into college, university or employment then yes, John can help you…Please see the About John page for more detail about John’s approach to tutoring.

Here are some videos of John speaking about mathematics at Leeds City Toastmasters, Leeds Skeptics and West Yorkshire Astronomical Society

Here’s a few free maths tutorial videos that John has uploaded onto Youtube…there are more on the tutorial resources page